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Sleep is some of the best medicine in the world. Think about the times you’ve had a really great nights sleep and woke up feeling rested and naturally energized. Wasn’t it lovely?

These days I’ve learned so much about the importance of sleep that I have upped my sleep game in several ways:


And the last tip pertains to our growing relationship technological devices, you can watch it here:

I know some of you are thinking there is no way that would work for you. Believe me, it’s taken me some time to ease into this routine as well. The idea is to trust your natural sleep/wake cycles and provide the right conditions to balance these cycles.

Lack of sleep is stressful and draining to your entire mind-body system. It’s hard to be on your A-game with poor energy levels. Plus, any health issues you may be struggling with will only progress from lack of quality sleep. Remember, resting is the time the body uses to heal and repair.

It may seem unproductive to get your jammies on and commit to those 7-9 hours of restoration, but you’re going to want to make sure your batteries are fully charged in order to give life your best. Living fully is totally worth it.

Which one of my sleep tips do you think will make the biggest impact for you?

Sweet dreams.

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