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Connecting the Dots: Stress, Pain, and Aging

Did you know that chronic stress can lead to pain and postural distortion? Did you know that what you eat can create aches and pains? Did you know that old injuries can distort your posture and lead to rapid aging? Did you know that most health imbalances can be traced back to high stress and


Coaching for Learning and Reinforcement

Some things are worth learning. Some things we learn are worth reinforcing. My parents used to force me to sit at the dinner table until I ate all of my vegetables. I really despised vegetables growing up. It wasn’t until I was formally taught in college that good nutrition required that I not only ate


Happiness is a Choice

The feeling of happiness is one of life’s greatest gifts. What’s the point of living if your life cannot be joyful and full of happiness? The biggest myth we all fall prey to is the idea that we need to seek happiness outside of ourselves. While it’s true there are many factors that affect our


Detoxing For Health

These days detoxing is a popular practice in the holistic health scene. Perhaps the awareness is a reaction to the introduction of chemicals, pesticides, radiation, genetically modified foods, and numerous other toxins that have been introduced into the food supply over the last one hundred years or so. Rightly so, these toxins warrant major concern.


Being Mindful In Movement, Like Dance

At a young age, I learned through performing arts how to focus my attention in the present moment. The desire was to be my best and focus on how I could improve my performance. While dancing, my attention was in a constant flow between remembering the choreography, staying in formation with the other dancers, moving


How To Make Movement Mindful

As the great quote from Haruki Murakami says, “I move, therefore I am.” We are designed to move…in many ways. Being sedentary can be just as harmful as a having a poor diet or any other harmful lifestyle choice. It’s important that we find ways to move everyday. Here’s a great stretch that will help


Ways To Get Better Sleep

Sleep is some of the best medicine in the world. Think about the times you’ve had a really great nights sleep and woke up feeling rested and naturally energized. Wasn’t it lovely? These days I’ve learned so much about the importance of sleep that I have upped my sleep game in several ways: And the

Family time with healthy food.

A Healthy Approach To Food & Great Tip

Eating is an important topic since we are all involved in this activity everyday of our lives. Over the years of studying holistic living and spiritual practices, I believe that eating should be a healing experience. What we eat eventually becomes our tissues and cells, hence the term “you are what you eat.” When contemplating

Living in a way that helps us out

Holistic living is a way of living that supports our health and happiness. It’s a lifestyle that helps us versus harms us.Just like anything we do, it requires consistency. How do we take care of ourselves? Mindfulness, exercise, bodywork, food, cleansing and boosting, rest, and healthy relationships. These are the basics. These areas of life can

Twisting high lunge

Mindful Movement

Exploring our physical movements in a mindful way can lead us to a greater awareness of self. Which can ultimately assist our understanding of our multi-dimensional or holistic nature. It’s less complicated and overwhelming then one may think. There are many forms of movement: yoga, martial arts, dance, sports, aerobics and cardio classes, walking, hiking, biking, etc.

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