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Did you know that chronic stress can lead to pain and postural distortion? Did you know that what you eat can create aches and pains? Did you know that old injuries can distort your posture and lead to rapid aging? Did you know that most health imbalances can be traced back to high stress and high inflammation? Did you know that chronic stress, rapid aging, and pain are all interconnected? That they all affect each other in positive and negative ways?

It’s a common mindset to compartmentalize everything. Especially, when it comes to our health and well-being. We love to go to experts for our feet or for our respiratory health or the knots in our back. We love to go to different experts in nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental/emotional health. Isn’t it cool that there ARE experts for seemingly every body part and every component of lifestyle? With this said, I believe it is  important to learn as much information as possible AND I believe it is JUST as important to understand the interconnectedness of this information and the integration of all of our parts and lifestyle.

One of my goals as a wellness coach is to not only teach my clients the basic guidelines and how-to-steps of living a holistic lifestyle, but to also offer the perspective of how everything works together. We have to become completely sold on the philosophy and the principles of holistic living if we plan to have any amount of consistency for results. We need to know WHY it is so important that we address our life as a whole and learn about how to best take care of our multi-faceted self.

It’s easy to say exercise is good for you. And you should do it. But when we really understand the depth of how mindful movement affects our mental/emotional/physical/spiritual state and how it prevents the build up of chronic stress, inflammation, and reduces pain and dysfunction, only THEN will we start carving out time and making mindful movement a priority. This is true for every aspect of holistic living.

It can be completely overwhelming to dive into a holistic lifestyle, especially if it is contrasting to your current lifestyle. I remember feeling the struggle to just stop eating ice cream after dinner every night. It was so hard to get to bed before midnight. It was a real struggle to break the habit of running to the doctor for every little thing and be accountable enough to self treat through natural remedies. But the main reason why I put the hard work in to change is because I did not feel like myself. I felt stressed out to the max, in pain, out of balance, and I felt older than I should feel. Can you relate? Stress brings out the worst in us. Holistic living was explained to me in a way that helped me understand how everything affects everything. Once I learned why and how to properly build my health and vitality, I felt so empowered! We all can take control of our health and we should!

It has taken me fifteen years of learning, training, studying, and practicing with myself and clients to see what works and what doesn’t work. During this time my understanding of the integration and  interconnectedness of everything has deepened.  I am consistently blown away at how powerful and effective holistic living is in my own life and in my client’s lives at creating health and well-being. 

I encourage you to join me on my live webinars to learn more about:

  • How stress, pain, and aging are interconnected
  • The power of holistic living
  • How you can work with me to boost your health and well-being

Webinar: Connecting the Dots: Stress, Pain and Aging

Wednesday, October 26th 6:30pm – 7:30pm EST

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