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These days detoxing is a popular practice in the holistic health scene.

Perhaps the awareness is a reaction to the introduction of chemicals, pesticides, radiation, genetically modified foods, and numerous other toxins that have been introduced into the food supply over the last one hundred years or so. Rightly so, these toxins warrant major concern. At the very least, they are additional stressors to our mind-body that we need to manage in order to maintain optimal health.

There are many detoxing rituals and practices that are promoted. Fasting, colonic hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, plant-based diets, juice cleanses, hydrotherapy, various supplementation, etc.

In the past, I have been more involved with a lot of these detoxing practices. It helped in the beginning to change my lifestyle habits. Also, it helped repair damage I had done to my system from mindless eating.

Now that I consistently live a holistic lifestyle and steer clear from as many toxins as possible, my body naturally cleanses on it’s own as designed. Our digestive organs, integumentary, and lymphatic systems are our natural detoxing systems and if we can maintain proper function of these systems, then it is less unnecessary to go through elaborate cleansing rituals.

My friends and mentors at Shen Life wrote a blog on natural detoxing practices that I love. Here’s a snippet of their simple suggestions. From their holistic medical background, I appreciate that they understand ways to enhance our own natural detoxing systems.

Here are some simple, natural, and highly effective ways to remove toxins from the body without the use of supplements.

1. Stop putting excessive toxins in your body. Eat and drink as clean as possible.

2. Practice deep abdominal breathing throughout the day. A full body breathe will tap every cell—bringing fresh oxygen and exiting out waste. Exhaling is part of the elimination process.

3. Drink purified spring water. Depending on your level of activity and the climate you reside, the amount needed can vary.

4. Eat 8 or more servings of green, fibrous vegetables everyday. This helps flush and scrub the bowel as well as remove heavy metals and other toxins from the cells.

5. Engage in mind-ful exercise at least once a day for 30 minutes or more. A good rule of thumb is to never exert yourself to the point where you are breathing from your mouth. Typically, mouth breathing is a sign you are in an anaerobic state, which elevates cortisol levels, and adds to the amount of metabolic waste in the body. Also, perspiration is one of the ways we naturally cleanse. Be cautious of over perspiring; avoid soaking your clothes or creating a puddle. Alight dew on the skin is ideal.

6. Relax on the ground or walk barefoot. This helps to remove the positive ions from your body. Plus, it helps ground the body, which relaxes it and allows it to let go of toxins.

7. Take a swim or a bath, preferably in salt or mineral water. Or if a tub or hot spring is not readily available, then soaking your feet is a great way to detox. Toxins discharge easily through the feet. Just remember your dad’s ole’ stinky socks…phew!

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As far as my favorite practice to support detoxing goes, you can watch it here…

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