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The feeling of happiness is one of life’s greatest gifts.

What’s the point of living if your life cannot be joyful and full of happiness?

The biggest myth we all fall prey to is the idea that we need to seek happiness outside of ourselves. While it’s true there are many factors that affect our moods, many powerful mood lifters are free and available to us anytime we choose to take advantage of them.

I don’t promote the idea that we should be feeling happy 24/7. Rather think of a small child and how their general nature is happy and content. Occasionally, they experience the other range of emotions that take them out of their happy state, but it passes through and then they resume their happy state as their general mode of being.

We can observe the habits of happy people all over the world and notice that happiness doesn’t always depend on your life circumstances. Rather it’s an attitude and a choice of how to respond to life. Next time you find yourself in an unnecessary emotional funk and you know it’s not beneficial, try some of these happiness tips:


Get 30 min. of direct sun

Practice gratitude


Spend time in nature

Play with your pets

Jump around

Take your shoes off in the grass and sand

Give hugs

Get upside down

Creative hobbies or projects

Listen to good music


Take time to relax


Spend time with loved ones


Happiness is a choice and it certainly helps to make everyday mundane tasks happier.

Here’s an example of how I transform chores into inspiring doses of happiness.

There you have it, my happiness dance. What’s your instant happy solution?

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