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As the great quote from Haruki Murakami says, “I move, therefore I am.” We are designed to move…in many ways. Being sedentary can be just as harmful as a having a poor diet or any other harmful lifestyle choice. It’s important that we find ways to move everyday.

Here’s a great stretch that will help with a common area of tension most people experience nowadays.

Movement is the most beneficial when it focuses on these components:
• correcting postural alignment,
• strengthening what’s weak or deficient,
• relaxing or opening what is tight or restricted,
• proper breath work,
• being mindful or fully present,
• focus on symmetry and prevents injury,
• moving through all ranges of motion,
• promotes longevity and health

Based on your natural tendencies, age, and body type, moving of any sort should be enjoyable.

The good news is that a lot of everyday activities can count as healthy movement. Just make sure you use proper mechanics and add mindfulness to avoid injury. Such activities are:

• Walking upstairs
• Carrying boxes
• Gardening
• Shoveling snow
• Washing your car
• Vacuuming or mopping your home
• Washing dishes with straight arms

Additionally, you can bring mindfulness to your other activities:
• Walking
• Jogging
• Swimming
• Hiking
• Kayaking
• Weight training
• Cross training
• Dancing

To create an effective exercise program, a good balance of the following types of movement is ideal:
• Aerobic activity
• Strength training
• Stretching
• Expressive or spontaneous movement –channel your inner expressive child

So, what is your favorite movement activity?

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