“Three months ago I stated a vigorous physical therapy program to correct painful lower back problems. In the beginning I was limited to very mild stretching and started a massage program with Melinda. I was in significant pain and could only get worked on lying on my side- I could not lie flat on my back or stomach making it very difficult to work on me. Melinda was amazing working around these limitations. She was able to identify nerve damaged tissue and heavily worked my damaged muscles. Today I am pain free and have significant mobility to my spine which I did not have before my injury occurred. I credit Melinda for being an integral part of my healing. Melinda is extremely proficient in deep tissue massage, yoga and overall physical wellness. I have been to numerous massage therapists and no one comes close to her abilities. “

~Restaurant Owner, Pound Ridge

“Melinda is, hands down, the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. I was amazed within the first 60 seconds of walking through the door. Melinda did a quick body check during which she placed her hands on different areas of my body and then told me exactly where my areas of tension and imbalance were, without me telling her anything. Her bodywork is even more impressive. Melinda applies the right amount of pressure to heal, but not hurt. I saw results in the very first session! She both relieved my pain and helped improve my posture. I’ve been going back ever since. I highly recommend Melinda for any bodywork you may need. She is also well-versed in holistic health and wellness – an added bonus! “

~Health Coach, Stamford

“After receiving neck surgery and chemo-radiation for Stage 4 cancer, I came to Melinda for treatment. I’m from California where they know something about massage, and I can assure you: Melinda’s the best! Not only is she highly proficient in the technical aspect of her profession, she has what I can only describe as a “gift”, an inner wellspring of peaceful, vibrant, healing energy that you actually feel during your session and which stays with you for days after. She is truly special.”

~Artist, Wilton

“When I met Melinda, I was looking for therapy to relieve pain due to stenosis in my neck and lower back, which I had been suffering with for several years. Up until that point, my treatment consisted of physical therapy coupled with daily pain meds, and I was looking at a future of constant pain, increasingly reduced mobility and daily painkillers.

Melinda believed that I had the ability to turn things around, and I did. Through her amazing bodywork therapy, coupled with her [Living Essentials] lifestyle program, I made very quick progress. The result is that I’m not only leading a healthier life, I am completely off of all pain medication, and I’m PAIN FREE.

Melinda is simply the best.”

~Filmmaker, Stamford

“Melinda is a terrific MT and an outstanding human being.

Among her professional talents, she has a natural inclination to develop unique methods or programs to mitigate physical imbalances or weaknesses. Perhaps most impressive has been her ability to apply these skills on an individually tailored basis as part of my comprehensive post-injury medical rehabilitation program.

In my case, she created a custom body-work regimen to substantially reduce post-surgery recovery time by stimulating musclo-skeletal function and by using an original technique to dramatically reduce inflammation.

Melinda has a deep-seated love of learning and a well-developed ability to apply this learning to improve individual outcomes. For her, the more unusual the challenge, the more rewarding the experience.

I have worked with her for several years. She is simply wonderful.”

~Finance, Greenwich

“Dennis and I enjoy our weekly massages by Melinda Loo.  We look forward to the soothing, relaxing, massage therapy.  Massages are not mere indulgences, but are essential for the wellness of your body, skin and mind.  We both want to be the first appointment when Melinda arrives.  So we do rock, paper, scissors.”

~Retiree, Old Greenwich

“Melinda offers her own unique, wonderfully thoughtful, compassionate, and highly skilled blend of massage and energy work. She custom tailors her work based on each client by using a combination of swedish, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, myo-fascial release, and finishes the session with energy work. Melinda’s intuitive touch is among the best I have experienced and I highly recommend her!”

~Finance/Non-Profit, Stamford

“One knows immediately when a masseuse is above average.  You can feel it when their hands start work on you.  Melinda is way above average!  She is a caring, fantastic, miracle worker.  I have always left a session with her feeling better, more relaxed, less stressed and very well cared for.”

~Senior Consultant, Old Greenwich

“Melinda is a fabulous teacher for any level of yoga student. She is very talented in tailoring any session to aid relaxation, build muscle strength or flexibility – or combining all three into one. Her demeanor is always positive and encouraging, and her style is personal and down-to-earth.”

~Attorney, Greenwich

“I first went to Melinda two years ago. I was suffering from chronic low back pain which caused poor posture and severe tightness in my legs (IT band, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps) resulting from the way I exercise.

While I had previous experience with massage, I never had the kind of experience that would cause me to commit to it regularly. With Melinda, however, not only did I feel immediate relief but, based on her expertise, I began to understand and re-examine the way in which I exercise.

Her technique with me has been to use stretching to increase flexibility as well as massage. The result is significant. It has enabled me to truly relax as I have a much greater understanding of the relationship between mind and body. My posture has radically improved. I have lost 23 pounds and, most importantly, I am not in pain.”

~Professor, Port Chester, NY

“Melinda Loo has been my massage therapist for several years.  I have had a bad back since childhood.  After her treatments, I am taller and in a lot less pain.  She has such a gentle way about her, and really cares about you as a person.  She does not have a standard “back rub”, but instead varies her massages to meet the needs of your body and the current issues.  Along with her massages, she will show you different ways to help your body work to its best, such as stretches and yoga.  She cares about the whole person.  I recommend her 100%.  I have never found anyone who understands my body better than Melinda.”

~Caretaker, Los Angeles

“Melinda is a wonderful yoga teacher and bodyworker.  I experienced great well being each time I received one of her massage sessions and felt so rejuvenated after taking her yoga classes.  Her yoga classes would make me feel stronger, healthier, and more connected with myself. Plus I would always leave the class relieved from the stress of the day.  I really miss her massage sessions and my body feels the consequences of not receiving them anymore.  I highly encourage anyone to benefit from her healing gifts.”

~Insurance Agent, Los Angeles

“Best massage I’ve ever had. Melinda Loo is the Michael Jordan of massage therapists. I’ve been getting massages for the past 15 years. About 5 years ago, I happened upon Melinda at a Farmer’s Market. She was giving chair massages. I tried her out, and she had a great touch.

I set up an appointment for a full body massage, and can still remember my first one hour massage from Melinda. It was unlike any other massage I’d ever had. She has an extremely unique technique.

Once you experience her technique, you will let go of your current therapist. Melinda was my main therapist from then on. I really miss her treatments. I encourage anyone who regularly receives massage work to RUN, not walk to your phone, and call her for an appointment. You will not be disappointed. She is one of a kind. She is the best of the best. You will never find another therapist as talented as she is.

I would have to get on a plane, and travel 3000 miles to get one of her massages now, but you know what? I might just do that. She is that good!”

~Entertainment Crew, Los Angeles, CA

“Melinda is exceptionally gifted in the art of bodywork and practices her art in a compassionate and holistic manner. Melinda intuitively channels her energy and personalizes her approach to balance and heal the mind, body and spirit. The evolution to peace, relaxation, rejuvenation and enhanced awareness is seemingly effortless and enduring.”

~Nurse Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA


  1. David/Medical Visualizer- Wallingford CT on March 26, 2014 at 9:33 PM said:

    Exceptional in every way. Melinda not only reads muscles well, but she takes suggestions to work on personal muscle quirks. She has an amazing touch and wonderful energy. HIGHLY recommended…

  2. There are exceptional craftsmen in various fields that have the “it” factor. Melinda is one such person. She has the touch! If you have the opportunity, definitely let her hands do their magic. You will feel transformed!!! I did.

"I look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals!"
~Melinda Loo

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